EastGate Project: What Is Man

by Sam Negron

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The genesis of the EastGate Project emerged while sitting on the Mt. of Olives overlooking the Kidron Valley, peering toward the Golden (East) Gate of ancient Jerusalem. For those fortunate to visit, what a moving and pensive site to behold. The seeming timelessness of that moment conjured thoughts of Jesus himself observing and contemplating that his (first) coming would not be recognized by many, but he would be rejected and persecuted. Yet, here I sat in the shadows of history considering his sacrifice while simultaneously acknowledging the future - reflecting upon his second coming! In fact upon this very location - unmatched throughout the ages - will the foretold ‘Lord of Lords and King of Kings’ triumphantly open the gates of a new era; His manifest entrance to the Temple of Jerusalem.

The EastGate Project became a touchstone in my life: to tell a story and reflect upon such a wondrous transformation of the world. To proclaim and anticipate the good news. You’re invited - to lend an ear, engage and wonder; What Is Man? In the process, may you be changed... thanks for listening.


released October 15, 2017



all rights reserved



Sam Negron - EastGate Project New Jersey

This is the culmination of countless hours and years of attentive contemplation, poured out through an entourage of gifted musicians who rejoice in being vessels of His creation. You’re invited - to whisk yourself away, lend an ear, engage and wonder, What Is Man?
In the process may you be changed... thanks for listening.
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Track Name: What Is Man
WHAT IS MAN [Based on Psalm 8:3,4] Sam Negron, Tim Sands, Mark Beecher
When I consider Your heavens - The work of Your fingers - The moon and the stars - That You have made - Pre-Chorus - I wonder what is man? - That you would think of us - And the Son of man - That You would visit him - Chorus - O Lord, our Lord - How excellent, is Your name - O Lord, our Lord, how excellent (You are) - In all the earth - You have made us to have - Control of all Your works - Of Your hands, all of creation - In the paths of the sea - Pre-Chorus - Chorus
© 2013
Track Name: East-Gate (Jerusalem)
EASTGATE (Jerusalem) Sam & Tiina Negron, Tim Sands, Mike D’Ascenzo, Rich Hartline

From the borders of the City of David - Were prophets from the Lord; they tell - A legend of Godʼs people and His faithfulness to Israel - Chorus - Inside the city walls - He taught and loved and prayed - Tears of blood ran down His face, For us all - Along her streets He bore the cross - Outside the gates, our sins atoned - And from the tomb He rose Jerusalem - Shadowed by the wood of Gethsemane - Consecrated to the point of death - May this cup be taken from me - “Yet not as I will, but as you will.” - Chorus - Bridge - All the bleeding of our sins to Him that died on Calvary - Never ceasing to remit - His love nailed to that tree - From the Mt of Olives to Kidron Valley - At the East Gate stands the Lord of Hosts - Passing westward through the halls of the Temple - Past the lamp and showbread He will rule - Chorus
© 2013
Track Name: Your Love Upon The Cross
Your Love, Upon the Cross Sam Negron, Mark Negron

I breathe deep with desire, to serve You , in all my ways - And I know it wasn’t easy, to put down the crown of God , for my sake - Chorus - Your love was nailed upon the cross , nailed upon the cross, nailed upon the cross for me - I once lived in the valley, that longed to reach up to You - And I wondered of Your secrets, that no heart could fathom in the flesh - Chorus - Until Your love was nailed upon the cross, nailed upon the cross, nailed upon the cross for me - Someday this side of heaven, I’ll rejoice to see You face to face - But for now, my Lord, my sweet Jesus - Give me faith, to praise You boldly, in this place - Your love was.... Chorus 
© 2008
Track Name: Rescue From The Dark
Rescue From The Dark Sam Negron, Drew Placzek

This is for the ones - Who’ve set themselves apart - For the glory of the Lord - Bearing condescension (2x) - Chorus - Your spirit is the truth - To mend our hearts - Living in Your grace - When pain abounds - The greatness of Your love nailed to the cross - The power of Your light To rescue from the dark - For You alone can save - By the hand of God - By faith we walk through Your gates - That’s safer than the known - That’s safer than the known - Chorus - Bridge [Rev. 4:11] - Our Lord and God - You are worthy to receive Glory, honor and power - You have fashioned - All things by Your will - We’re created for you pleasure - Chorus
© 2015
Track Name: The Door's Still Open
The Door’s Still Open Sam Negron, Glenn Johnson, Tim Sands, Fran Sankey, Rich Hartline

Noah spoke to a dying world - But the people would not see - The wisdom of foolish men - Hearts of pride that would not listen - So the Lord shut him in - Chorus - But the door is still open - Groping in the dark - A matter of the heart - The door is still open - But the time will come and then God will shut the door again - Jesus is our Ark today - A redeeming sacrifice - No reason to doubt or wait - His grace before heaven’s gate - ‘I am the Way, the Truth, the Life’ - Chorus - Bridge - No matter where you are - There’s a movement of the heart - Created by the Lord and King of Kings - A time is coming soon - To kneel before His throne - And look into the face of reality - Chorus
© 2011 

Track Name: The Musician's Art
THE MUSICIAN’S ART Sam, Angelina & Luke Negron, Glenn Johnson, Tim Sands, Mark Negron

Chorus - The musician’s art - is to send light into the depth of men’s heart - The musician’s art - is to send light into the depth of men’s heart - When the Lord made music He called upon the stars - To reveal His gift with supernatural power - As we bring him praise the Holy Spirits sings; In language of Divine mystery, mystery - Chorus - May your priests be clothed with righteousness - [From psalm 132:9] - May your saints sing for joy… of your greatness - Cherished songs from our lives in timelessness - Your light fills our hearts with luminescence - Bridge - A wistful sigh, a seed is sown - With inspiration; a prayer of hope - A song is born, an illumination
© 2009

Track Name: To Live Is Christ
TO LIVE IS CHRIST [Based on Phil. 1:21] Sam Negron, Haleigh Swansen, Rich Hartline

Living for the Lord - In righteousness - Doesn't come easy on our own - We must choose to follow - In His steps - By my spirit, says the Lord - Chorus - To live is Christ - To die is gain - To live is Christ - Dear Lord, Jesus - Set us on fire - For Your glory is our desire - We claim with one voice - You raised Him from the dead - That who’d call upon Him - Will be saved - Chorus - Bridge - Behold our God and Savior - Who waits for you to receive - He is the heartbeat you seek
© 2016

Track Name: Cozy Woman
COZY WOMAN Sam Negron, Tim Sands, Mike D’Ascenzo, Mark Negron

Sheʼll listen with heart - And spy with a Cherubim smile - She can laugh at the moon and cry at a baby’s sigh - She knows when sheʼs broken - But will barely give in - And her veil of compassion - Is rarely thin - Chorus - For under the shadow of a humble life - Is the calm of a lioness - She moves with the Word - Her endurance is strong from the reign of His praise - In my mind - Sheʼs a cozy woman - And all the years of patience for my curious ways - Is her fire of passionate faith - Working in me - For His patience of love, shows an angels face - And my rib is undone to the glory of what Heʼs made - Chorus - …In His mind - She’s a cozy woman
© 2013 

Track Name: Give It To The Rock
GIVE IT TO THE ROCK Sam Negron, Glenn Johnson, Rich Hartline, Mark Negron, Tim Sands

Give it all you’ve got to Jesus - Give it all you’ve got unto the Lord - Give it all you’ve got to heaven - Turning back on what you’ve done before - In the morning when I rise up - And I seize the day - Knowing that His love surrounds me - Faithful in His ways - Chorus - Give it to the Rock (4x) - Give it all to be a servant - Learn about the best that you can be - In the heart of our loving Father - Are the things the world refuses to see? - In the morning when I rise up - And I seize the day - Knowing that His love surrounds me - Faithful in His ways - Give it to the Rock (4x) - Refrain/Bridge - Hear my voice, hear my prayer - Is calling out to worship You my Lord - Lift my head - Help me to be guided - By the Holy breath, heaven calling me - Then I’ll lift my eyes to worship you - Rise in the morning, sing a song to You - I’ll tell of Your glories and the One who has said: Give it to the Rock
© 2004
Track Name: In My Own Skin
IN MY OWN SKIN Sam Negron, Mark Negron

People are people - Wherever they go - In their church - In their cars - At the mall - Locked in their houses - And in their kin - I’m totally without, from within - In my own skin - Chorus - Cry tears of joy in awe of His glory - That’s where I want to be - Even in my dreams - It’s not about us - It’s the heart of His mercy - His call beckons in my sleep - Deep calls onto deep - I’m living in silence - But it’s wearing thin - It makes no sense - When I’ve been - Born again - It’s easy to lose it, when you’re - Living in your sin - I’m totally without, from within - In my own skin - Chorus
© 2000
Track Name: Raise A Cane
RAISE A CANE Sam Negron, Mark Negron, Glenn Johnson, Rich Hartline, Tim Sands

Driving down a country road - The light shining in my eyes - A hope of a better place - A piece of the American pie - Chorus - I don’t understand, when people look away - Cause when our freedoms gone - You can’t raise a cane back up when it’s into feed - Driving down a country road - I think about a soldier’s heart - How the freedoms we take for granted - Can be buried in a foreign land - Chorus - Bridge - When the people start to look away - To another day, far beyond - The freedom that was bought when blood was spilt - Will cry out to us, from the ground
© 2010
Track Name: It Is Finished (Tetelestai)
IT IS FINISHED (TETELESTAI) Sam Negron, Rich Hartline

From the dawn of time It was not a tale - That the gates of hell, would not prevail - That the Son of God, put upon a cross - Would tear the curtain, that shunned us all - Chorus - And the greatest declaration - Ever spoken in time - Three words of power - Man could not devise - Was pronounced from heaven - His incarnate Son - Departed from the lips - Of the Holy One, of the Holy One Tetelestai, It is finished (2x) - T’was the key assertion, no one could exceed - The finest hour, in history - Alpha and Omega, The King of Kings - Would empower cynic, to enter within - Chorus - Bridge - No power on earth - Nor in heaven above - Can remove from the cross - This moment of love - Tetelestai, It is finished! 
© 2016
Track Name: 12 String Benediction
2 STRING BENEDICTION [From Numbers 6:24 - 26] Sam Negron

The Lord bless you and keep you - The Lord make His face to shine upon you - The Lord be gracious unto you (2X) - Chorus - The Lord lift His countenance upon you - The Lord give you peace and make your whole (2X)

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